Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Magic for Beginners

Magic has been much a part of childhood. Remember how you used to be amazed of magic on TV or even on a local magic show in a carnival or a children’s party. No matter how old you get, magic will continue to amaze you. It is an unknown mystery that people are completely drawn to.

But if you are thinking of starting a career in magic, the best way is to start early. In case your not, its never to late to start but will take you a little harder. You can make your first step by buying your first magic trick box and learn the basic magic tricks from cards, coins to threads and other a little complicated magic tricks. Though this may sound so elementary for you, this is still the best introduction to magic you can find. The box, however, will not tell you how to act in front of an audience. You have to make your own efforts and initiatives. A good way to learn this is by watching Remote Magic Show hire and observe how the masters do their tricks in front of an audience.

If you have been doing your homework, then you will observe that the masters do the top 3 things while performing magic in front of an audience:

1. Do a nice patter – this means that you should put your act well by pulling some appropriate dialogue to perform your magic trick. Learn some jokes, ask your audience some questions and use a lot of hand movements. This will make them distracted but focused on you instead of finding out how you did the magic. A magic show can turn into a theatrical event if you want it to become one. This is not as easy as you think and you will not get by just a few practices and watching the masters do it.

You need a lot of effort, discipline and ability on your part and of course countless practice. To guide you in this trick you should remember and follow religiously two things: a) maintain eye contact with your spectator. Be sure that you have your spectators’ attention only to you and listening to whatever you say; b) it pays if you have a sense of humor because it makes your audience feel relaxed and conditions them only to be caught off guard of what you have to perform.

2. The after effect – after wowing your audience with your act, let them continue their amazement with your trick, let them continuously react to your next tricks. Do not make them lose their attention to you and most importantly, do not say anything. If they asked you how you did that just remain quiet. Never pull the plug and give away your act or else all the mystery will fade away.

3. Be confident – Never perform in an audience if you know that you are not yet ready. Nervousness can easily give your trick away. A lot of practice breeds confidence. You need to convince your audience that not only your trick is magical but you as well.

If you master all these techniques, it will be much easier for you to win your audience – kids or adults. You can even go from up close magic to platform magic and stage magic like what Copperfield does but of course that requires a lot of experience and expertise plus a lot of help from cameras.

The key to being a master magician is to learn how to perform magic in an instant using a lot of borrowed objects. Magic is just a quarter of your trick but how you do your trick is the most important. Your presentation in front of an audience is the key not some spectacular, complicated magic.
More help is on your way if you know where to find it Check out some magic shops nearby your area. Make a list of the tricks you wanted to learn and bring them to the shop. Ask the owner to perform some on your list, teach you how and try it in front of him. Practice them in front of mirror as soon as you go home. You will be amazed at how fast you can do all these tricks.

If you think you are ready for an audience, organize and host a party and perform your magic for free. If your confident enough, there is a lot of possibility that some will ask you to perform in an event or another party, be ready to market yourself and hand out business cards.



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